Is There a Future in E Sports?

There was a time when too much online gaming was something parents frowned upon. It was viewed as a waste of time that can ruin their kid’s future. But with the popularity and boom of e Sports, you can actually encounter some parents encouraging their kids to excel in video gaming.

What is e Sport

E Sports is the competitive aspect of multiplayer gaming. Today, you can find large-scale e Sport tournaments happening in a real arena where players are gathered in one venue or just online where players can compete in the comfort of their own home.

These online tournaments often award players with cash prizes and the bigger the tournament and sponsors, the bigger the cash prize. International tournaments are said to award millions to the winning team. With so much at stake, this just makes the whole game more thrilling and exciting. You can find more details on online sports on the site

Why do people watch instead of play?

Aside from the big prizes, fans are often players themselves and they can always pick up a trick or two as they watch professional players play. Most video games may seem simple at first but it takes a lot of strategy not only when it comes to facing the opponent but also when it comes to choosing skills or weapons.

E Sport players are athletes

These kids are not only taking the lead in their high school computer labs but there are schools who recognize video games as a sport and have their own clubs or teams where players are recognized as student athletes. A partnership between the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and PlayVS, an online gaming network, just legitimized computer gaming as a sport.

The recognition does not stop in high school as there are universities that give our scholarships to eSport players as well. As you can see, eSport will not keep your kids from failing in school, it can help them go all the way to college.

Can you make money through E Sports?

It will take a lot of time and practice playing the game to be in the league of today’s international professional players. Aside from joining tournaments, you can also monetize by having a YouTube channel where you can stream all the games you play and do tutorials for new gamers.

Some professional gamers are even tapped by gaming companies as professional game testers for new games that they are developing. If you combine your gaming with an IT degree or a computer science degree, you can have an advantage in the industry as well.